Leo’s Ice Cream Company



    If you are looking for something that is truly unique, you have found it. Leo’s Ice Cream Company, the makers of Leo’s Famous Yum Yum since 1936. Leo’s Famous Yum Yum is like Italian Water Ice, but it isn’t. It’s like sherbet, but it isn’t. It is kind of like real Italian Gelato, but not really. It is a product that has a taste and a history all it’s own. If you are already a fan you know what we mean. If you have never tried it, when you do, you too will know.

    Leo’s Homemade Ice cream is best described by our customers, “ it tastes exactly like all ice cream should taste.”

This website is here not only to offer you an opportunity to become a part of Leo’s. It is also here to pay tribute to a man who was as unique as the product he invented, Giovanni Leo.





Leo’s Ice Cream Company

#7 Tomlinson Mill Road

Medford, NJ 08055